Will Nawaz Sharif be assassinated before he becomes PM of Pakistan?

14 years ago Nawaz Sharif was handcuffed, jailed and handed a life sentence. He sought refuge in Saudi Arabia. The culprit of this was former General Pervez Musharraf who then seized power, jailed the Pakistani Judges and ruled the country like it was his own.

Now the tables have turned.

Musharraf is confined to two rooms in his palatial villa and Sharif is on the verge of becoming the next PM of Pakistan, a nation in transit to nowhere.

And this is what Sharif has to say, “We need to bail out the economy” (a sensible view).

The present army chief, General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani, has made a number of oblique references to democracy in a veiled threat that if the election does not go as planned he would ‘have to intervene’.

Curiously, 75 officers from Command and Staff College, Quetta, approached the court and objected to the shabby treatment of the former military dictator of Pakistan, Musharraf…aka Busharraf for his closeness with the former President of the US of A.

Sharif is known to be at odds with the military and keeps harping on the ‘concept’ of democracy…whatever this means in Pakistan.

Considering the past events it is highly unlikely that the Pakistan military will ‘allow’ Sharif to become PM. In all likelihood he will be assassinated like Benazir Bhutto for two reasons only –

  1. That he confronted the military 14 years ago and seeks democracy for his people and therefore will not be a puppet for the military command.
  2. That he had/has/and continues to seek redressal for the plight of the people of Balochistan.

One hopes he survives the election and guides Pakistan onto the path of civilian rule.