Oh Mumbai! War on my city!

sacrfce Slaughter House Mumbai

If you are a butcher aka terrorist, Mumbai is a great place to slaughter innocent people. Come here where the security forces cannot protect the citizens. Come here where politicians are more concerned with the size of their wallets and their own safety than the welfare of the common people.

My city has been under siege not only from terrorists but by violent gangs and the never ending unholy nexus between politicians of every hue and the ‘Under World”. This is fueled by Black Money (undisclosed wealth) that is a parallel economy. In the past I have witnessed gun fights break out in the streets. Probably this is the reason why the Mumbai Police initially mistook the terrorist attack for a gang war: Brave Mumbai Police officers (Anti-terror Squad Chief Hemant Karkare, Encounter Specialist Cop Vijay Salasker and Additional CP Ashok Kamte) were gunned down by the terrorists.

The sight of policemen pointing their .303 rifles (World War I vintage) at the terrorists holed up in The Taj Mahal Hotel was a brutal reminder of how woefully inadequately armed our policemen are.

What irks me is that our ‘Intelligence Agencies’ failed to preempt such a brazen attack. And further the government’s response was lethargic. The Home Minister, Shivraj Patil’s performance before the TV cameras was ludicrous. His mumblings and incoherency was evident.

I am ashamed to be called an Indian primarily because we have convicted criminals in jail who are legitimate Members of Parliament. They are let out of jail to vote on the business of running my country!

The Shiv Sena (a regional political party of sorts) has always been a legend in its own mind. It’s present leader Raj Thackery wants a Mumbai without taxi drivers and laborers from Uttar Pradesh. The Shiv Sena (SS) are known to beat up these poor fellows. When the attack happened where was the SS? Apparently word on the street has it that they were hiding in their homes with ceremonial swords in hand.

Let’s get real. Let’s smell cowardice and accept it and move on to the stark reality that Indians and in this case Mumbaikers must take control of their city.

The media, in particular NDTV and The Times of India have been responsible and supportive in their reportage. But I can’t say the same about India Today TV which broadcast an interview with one of the terrorists. Thus, glorifying and further assisting the terrorist to communicate to his fellow killers and the world at large. How does our government react to this? Well, for one they have sent India Today TV a ‘Notice’.

The sad truth is that our politicians are like castrated men in a harem. They know how to do it but can’t perform.

The blame game has commenced – dumb charades. Ministers are being sacked. Meetings are being arranged and verbal diarrhea will be the order of the day.

Who will cry for the innocent people who died? Who will protect the Mumbaikers? Who will bite the bullet and finally take on the terrorists wherever they are? And will our government in days to come fall back into complacency as the General Elections come in 2009?

Life is cheap in India. We die because there is really no one to protect the defenseless. This is our Karma. Or is it?

Who is to say? Maybe a day will come when citizens in Mumbai will take control of their city and make the politicians answer for their misdeeds.

In the mean time let us pray that Mumbaikers do not have any more such senseless attacks.

Let us pray for the innocents who died needlessly because they own government failed them.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om