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International Day of the Girl

I subscribe to the DFID News Update – UKaid from the British People – and so when I received this in the mail today I thought I’d share it with the world.

The first International Day of the Girl was held on 11 October 2012 to recognise girls’ rights and the unique challenges they face around the world.

The focus this year was on child marriage. Every three seconds a girl in the poorest part of the world is forced to marry against her will. Educated girls are more likely to marry later, be able to choose when and how many children they have and earn higher incomes.

Development Secretary Justine Greening said: “Development matters most to girls and women. It is girls and women who die in childbirth because they don’t have the medical care they need. It is women who bear the brunt of stagnant economies, losing out on work opportunities first. And it is women who struggle for an equal voice and participation in too many societies and governments.”

There are 250 million girls living poverty in the developing world. By giving girls greater choice and control over the decisions that affect them, we can help to break the cycle of poverty between one generation and the next. Over the last year British aid has supported over 2.5 million girls in primary school and 260,000 girls in secondary school to help them fulfil their potential.

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Tackling malnutrition in DRC

The UK remains committed to tackling malnutrition and hunger around the world. British aid is helping to prevent future food disasters in the Horn of Africa, tackling malnutrition in Yemen, helping people affected by the food crisis in West Africa, and helping millions of small farmers across sub-Saharan Africa to grow enough food to eat in the face of a changing climate.

On World Food Day 2012, see how we’re tackling malnutrition in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Action Against Hunger – not only by breaking the cycle of malnutrition by treating the effects of it, but through educating communities in order to avoid it happening again.

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Bloggers Take Action

The theme for this year’s Blog Action Day on 15 October was ‘The Power of We’ encompassing community, equality, transparency, anti-corruption and freedom. Founded in 2007, Blog Action Day brings together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day.

See how DFID bloggers got involved – blogging about projects funded by UK aid and the positive changes they are bringing to people in developing countries.

And a guest blog from British TV presenter, Christine Bleakley: Simple solutions making a world of difference.

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Technology and Open Government

On 13 November the UK Government and the Omidyar Network, in association with Wired magazine, will host a high level event in London’s tech city to galvanise action and increase momentum in the fast growing field of technology and open government.

The invite-only Open Up! Conference will bring entrepreneurs, government and civil society together to show how web and mobile technologies can drive more engagement of citizens in government, and give millions of people around the world the tools and opportunities to change their lives. The Conference will call for more investment from businesses and entrepreneurs to lend their expertise to create more people-powered governments.

Find out more: Visit or follow #openup12 on Twitter.

  •           Consultation: The United Nations is calling on citizens, charities and community groups to put forward their ideas to tackle household poverty after 2015. A newonline consultation is inviting people to answer key questions with suggestions feeding in directly to discussions at the UN High Level Panel meetings taking place in London from 31 October – 2 November. The deadline for online comments is Friday, 26 October 2012.
  • ·         Podcast: Bill Gates talks about the importance of aid, why it is an investment for the future and the development issues he is currently focused on.