Tsilhqot’in of the First Nations of Canada Victory – Live Encounters

Live Encounters Magazine September 2014

Featuring contributors from Canada, Ireland, UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel, India and Australia.

Professor Bradford Morse has written an exclusive 8000 word article on the legal victory of the Tsilhqot’in of the First Nations of Canada in reclaiming some of their ancestral lands. The wisdom of the  judges of the Supreme Court of Canada is reflected in their judgement.

Professor Bradford W Morse – Tsilhqot’in Canadian Aboriginal Title Landmark Decision –  A Game Changer?
Terry McDonagh – That Old Vision
Dr. Emma Larking – Equal freedom for all requires limiting freedom of expression
Eman Alhussein – Triangle of change: the situation of women in Saudi Arabia
Aryaa Naik – Romancing the Lavani
Mark Gardner – UK antisemitism reflections
Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop   When the earth is cut
Dr. Candess M Campbell – Come here – Go Away!
Natalie Wood – To Trust and Trust Not!
Joo Peter – Photo Gallery: Indigenous People of Indonesia
Mark Ulyseas – We have lost our insaanyat…our humanity