Riz Khan launches his first fiction novel “We Interrupt Our Programming…”








Message from Riz Khan

It’s my first time reaching out to all of you – but I’m excited to finally share with everyone the link to my first fiction novel titled “We Interrupt Our Programming…” which is now for sale for only $4.99 exclusively as an e-book to support a children’s reading charity: 



Set in the fast-paced world of international television news, the novel is a comical drama offering the reader a candid look at some of the quirky things that might take place behind the scenes. It’s a chance to meet some fascinating and familiar-sounding characters that inhabit the often dysfunctional, but always highly influential, world of international media.

From the hazards of live, breaking news stories, to the challenges faced by tough, global correspondents on the front line, “We Interrupt Our Programming…” puts a new perspective on the kind of people we watch every day from the comfort of our television sets!


My motivation in pricing the e-book at only $4.99 was to make it affordable to as many people as possible, and to raise money to support an organization close to my heart called The World Is Just A Book Away. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of “We Interrupt Our Programming…” will be donated to their work building libraries for schoolchildren in underprivileged communities around the world.

Please support my efforts for this wonderful, grassroots organization that is run by some of the most dedicated people I have met. There’s no waste – all the money raised is used to bring light to children who otherwise live in the dark when it comes to joy of reading. Your copy of the book will make a difference and you can also send the e-book as a gift through Amazon to the budding journalists in your life!

Writing “We Interrupt Our Programming…” was a fun experience that provided an opportunity to spoof the world of international news, after such a “serious” career at the world’s three leading news networks – BBC World, CNN International, and Al Jazeera English. I hope you enjoy it and – above all – it makes you laugh.

Thank you warmly for your support,


P.S. My mum says 1,000 copies each should do the trick! 🙂