Sitting Bull’s great grandson Ernie LaPointe in an exclusive interview with Mark Ulyseas

Live Encounters Magazine April 2015 (L)

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Chris Mercer – On Canned Hunting in South Africa
Ernie LaPointe on Tatanka Iyotake – Sitting Bull
Professor Ganesh Devy on languages of India
Professor Daya Somasundaram
Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop – Following Sharon’s Footsteps...
Terry McDonagh –  In Hamburg
Heather Brett – Witness
Noel Monahan – Stone-Breaker
Natalie Wood – Sugar Cones and Salt Men
Dr Candess M Campbell – Damsel in Distress
Dr Cynthia Banham – Indignation not engagement-Australia’s response
Mark Ulyseas – History is a set of lies agreed upon