What do you expect Britain?

The butchery on a street in London is a direct result of what Britain has done in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other places. To exacerbate the situation it has forfeited its sovereignty by bowing to the diktats of the ECHR and allowing this court to overrule British courts. Added to this is the infiltration of the State by undesirables who do not see the prevalent culture as one to embrace but seek to enforce an alien medieval form of society.

The absurdity of the State: From June 2012 till January 2013 the British Police have spent around US$ 4.5 million to surround the Ecuadorean Embassy so that Julian Assange does not ‘escape’.  This money could have been better spent protecting its own citizens.

It is time Britain got a proactive government that restores the dignity of the State.

The first step is to deport all illegal immigrants including Abu Qatada. The ECHRcan take a hike!

And the second step should be to dissolve government and call for General Elections.

It is time to remove the gloves and stop being a nation of talkers.

PS: Involvement in Syria will only bring more butchers to the doorstep of Britain.