Russian offer to Israel – a la détente?


Russian President Vladimir Putin is turning out to be quite a salesman. Apparently, some high ranking officers in the Russian armaments industry rely solely on Putin’s machinations to peddle their weapons of mass destruction.

Presently, there is a surplus of missiles – S-300. Huge inventory and no one interested. So Putin has decided to sell them to Syria knowing that Israel will do everything in its power to scuttle the deal. And why is this so? Well the Syrian Government is supported by Hezbollah (Murder Inc.) who may get a few of these deadly missiles for home use against Israel.

PM Netanyahu crossed the boundaries of diplomacy by bluntly telling Putin that his country would strike the Syrian missile installations before they become operational,

The reply he got was not expected…Putin told Netanyahu that the deal would go ahead, however if he (Netanyahu) was interested in buying the missiles, Putin would oblige.


Great salesmanship by Putin!