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Dear Mark,Chevron refuses to clean up its oil contamination in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Now there’s a great new way you can help the communities of the Amazon that are fighting back:

With water.

Help spread the word now about ClearWater, a community-led project that is providing immediate relief to people in the Amazon who continue to wage a historic battle to bring Chevron to justice. Amazon Watch supports this initiative, won’t you? Get involved, please share this video.

Support ClearWater in the Amazon!

For nearly two decades, 30,000 Indigenous and rural Ecuadorians have been fighting to hold Chevron accountable for its oil pollution in the Amazon. What’s more, they’ve kept up the fight even while living with the dire health crisis provoked by oil contamination – a situation prolonged by Chevron’s outright refusal to clean up its mess.

These rainforest communities have teamed up to launch ClearWater – a project that is providing drinking water to the people of the Ecuadorian Amazon while they continue to hold Chevron accountable for its oily mess.

Please watch & share this video now.

For the Amazon,

Robert CollierRobert Collier
Corporate Campaigns Director