Live Encounters Magazine May 2012

Live Encounters Magazine May 2012

Dear Readers,

This edition highlights the burning issue of slavery – human trafficking and exploitation. The Special Report by Saskia Wishart of NOT FOR SALE (NFS), an international anti-slavery movement, reveals the extent to which slavery has infiltrated society all over the world. But on the flip side it also showcases the magnificent efforts by NFS in rescuing and rehabilitating victims of slavery.

And in the following pages we offer you a spread of some of the best writing…

• Hot off the Press we have a Chapter from Harish Nambiar’s book –
Defragmenting India – Riding a Bullet through the Gathering Storm
published by Sage Publications.

Natalie Wood’s Hitchhikers’ Guide to The Galilee is a fine travel piece which includes a great recipe for Passover Bagels!

The Other Half is by Welsh poet and writer Jemima Fincken, wife of Mike Fincken, a Captain who sails with Greenpeace

Terry McDonagh’s poem, Hands, leaves one thinking…

Photo – Gallery exhibits Jill Gocher’s stunning photographs of
Bali’s Buddhists in the hamlet of Budakeling.

• Death of a Star, a disturbing poem by Arjun Bagga

Candess M Campbell’s Empowering your Intuitive Self is a must read.

Good Friday in Lovina is a novella by Mark Ulyseas.

We request you to kindly pass this free magazine on to everyone you know.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Mark Ulyseas