Britain – It is about race nor Islam

MyTelegraph is awash with indignant bloggers dissecting and bissecting Islam and the ‘inroads’ it has made in Britain. All are Anglo-Saxons. I don’t see any other ‘shades’ among them.

You have yourselves to blame. This wouldn’t have happened if you did not leave your faith, Christianity.Now even young Anglo-Saxons are turning to Islam because they find a meaning in it… a brotherhood unlike the tepid Christianity doing the rounds.

It is the British Anglo-Saxons who have left their religion who are now whining about their country. I don’t hear the other shades of skin colour whining? – The Sikhs, the Hindus. The Buddhists. The Jains etc. who are also British citizens.

This is not about religion.

This is about race.

Note; Many vociferous ‘British bloggers’ on MyT have abandoned the land of their birth and live elsewhere. They don’t want to sully their lives living among the ‘British’. And yet they are the ones loudly whining about the state of their country, their government.

All this whining will have no effect if these whiners don’t get off their butts, get onto the streets and be the change. If this doesn’t happen the result will be – The Islam Kingdom of Great Britain.