Vegetable and Tofu Curry

Pic by Mark Ulyseas


Oil 2tbsp
Onion diagonal 10gr
Lemon grass (memarkn) 1pce
Daun salam (salamket) 2pcs
Leek diagonal slice 1pce
Curry powder madras 453gr 1tsp
Curry paste/bumbu kare 1tbsp
Stock chicken 200ml
Tofu, cube 125gr
Artichokes can 400 gr 25gr
Broccoli, spring 50gr
Cauliflower, spring 50gr
Green bean baby 50gr
Carrot 50gr
Corn baby 40gr
Coconut milk/Kara 200gr 15gr
Ground peanut 1tbsp
Salt 1/2tsp
Pepper black 1/2tsp
Yellow rice 200gr 



Sauté with oil onion, lemon grass, salam leaf & curry paste until aromatic. Simmer with chicken stock the tofu, leek, corn, and other vegetable until half cooked. Add curry powder, coconut milk, ground pepper and stir together. I know that this is not really a vegetarian dish as chicken stock is being used. You can experiment with your very own desi stock.

Chef Ketut Wijaya pic by Mark Ulyseas