Urgent message for Julian Assange

Dear Julian,

This is an urgent request for help in understanding the recent skullduggery that occurred at the UN when the issue of Statehood for Palestine was presented by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Here is what I saw and heard thanks to the breathless media coverage.

– Indian PM supports the formation of a Palestinian State with its capital in East Jerusalem. (Israel has close cultural and defence ties with India. It is India’s second largest arms supplier).

– Indian PM warmly greets Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the sidelines to discuss outstanding issues between the two countries. And this is after the Iranian President’s charming speech at the UN. The previous US Embassy Cables leak from New Delhi reveals the double standards of our government. LINK. So what was this meeting really about? Was India acting as a go between, US-IRAN?

– Indian PM’s interesting speech that highlighted the “ground realities” with emphasis on the expansion of the UN Security Council (Permanent Membership – India has been waiting in the backroom for this prized but deserving membership), etc.

I make this request because thanks to your previous endeavours Indian citizens were given front row seats to the two faced actions of their own government.

If some of your mates could please mooch around and sniff out some tidbits of edible data that reveals the “real” truth behind the above actions it would be most appreciated. And if anything is found kindly share it with the Indian media.

Warm regards and keep up the good work,

Mark Ulyseas
Editor, Liveencounters Magazine