Breaking news – Stop Troy Davis execution says Former FBI Director William S Sessions

I find this all very hypocritic­al. The US Govt has been instrument­al in torturing and killing many innocent people in Iraq and Afghanista­n and its soldiers don’t get the death penalty. 

And what happened to those that killed innocent Vietnamese? Here’s what happened to them?

The My Lai Massacre (Vietnamesethảm sát Mỹ Lai [tʰɐ̃ːm ʂɐ̌ːt mǐˀ lɐːj]English pronunciation: /ˌmiːˈlaɪ/ ( listen), also /ˌmiːˈleɪ, ˌmaɪˈlaɪ/,[1]Vietnamese: [mǐˀlɐːj]) was the mass murder of 347–504 unarmed citizens in South Vietnam on March 16, 1968, conducted by “Charlie” company, 1st battalion, 20th infantry, 11th infantry brigade, of the Americal Division, United States Army. All of the victims were civilians and most were women, children (including babies), and elderly people. Many of the victims were raped, beaten, tortured, and some of the bodies were found mutilated.[2]

The massacre took place in the hamlets of Mỹ Lai and My Khe of Sơn Mỹ village during the Vietnam War.[3][4] While 26 US soldiers were initially charged with criminal offenses for their actions at Mỹ Lai, only 2nd Lt. William Calley, a platoon leader in “Charlie” company, was convicted of killing 22 villagers. Originally given a life sentence, he served three and a half years under house arrest.

Whether Troy Davis is guilty or not the Death Penalty should never be an option, Never.

I pray that Former FBI Chief William S. Sessions appeal will stay this execution.

If we cannot create Life, what gives us the right to destroy it?

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om