What is British Culture?

Is it










What does it mean to be British?

–          Dress?

–          Food?

–          Religion?

–          Language?

People from far away dominions of this once great empire are now compressed on an island north of Europe. The result – cultures jostling for space any which way, even if it means encroaching into areas once reserved exclusively for the natives. The borders have become blurred.

So confrontations do occur, cultural confrontations.  And religion has become a weapon of mass destruction by those seeking to impose their culture. And they will succeed not because their culture is stronger in terms of beliefs or customs but because the native culture has actively permitted itself to be diluted into a tepid cup that cheers, apologetics abound while those resisting are not actively involved in  countering the emerging dominant culture and its side kick religion.

Thus, the inevitable will happen and change will come.

Unless of course the talkers become doers

Note: Religion cements cultures. It is the eternal spring that satiates those seeking a meaning to their existence. The resident culture is failing, giving up ground because its nucleus has been, over the years, gradually been replaced by a ‘me’ factor. While the merging dominant culture is still very much centred around ‘we’. Curiously, the emerging culture is an amalgamation of many cutlures cemented together by one powerful adhesive – religion. Unfortunately, the resident culture has all but given up on its religion and thus forfeited its right to exist.