Live Encounters Magazine February 2016

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Paulo Coelho – The three forms of love: Eros, Philos, Agape
Randhir Khare – Where Journeys Meet
Terry McDonagh – On the Train to Dublin July 1st 2014
Philip Casey – Tried and Sentenced
Natalie Wood – Renew This Town’s Life
Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop – Faces of Change in Ethiopia Part 2
Siobhán Airey – Normative Esperanto?
Farrukh Dhondy – Prophet of Love
Jill Gocher – Tajen The Clandestine Cockfight
Mark Ulyseas – Black Maria
Tisha Wardlow – Making Rhinos Count in a World of Indifference


Live Encounters Magazine January 2016

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Dr Robyn Rowland AO – This Intimate War
Terry McDonagh – Sledging
Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop – Faces of Change in Ethiopia Part 1
Mark Ulyseas – The Ethics of Living
Natalie Wood – ‘We’re Not in Kansas Any More’!
Randhir Khare – Walking with Spirits
David Morgan – Contemporary Dilemmas
Joachim Matschoss – Travels in Asia
John Pinschmidt – Maiden Voyage
David Almaleck Wolinsky – The Auschwitz Cookbook
Mark I Chaves – Glimpses of Daily Life in the Maldives
A CPJ special report by Elana Beiser Editorial director of the Committee to Protect Journalists

Live Encounters Magazine Four Volume Issue is out 2015!

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Promotion Live Encounters Magazine

Special feature on Prejudice in Israel

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Live Encounters Magazine June 2015

Live Encounters Magazine June 2015

A special thanks to Professor Ella Habiba Shohat, Departments of Art & Public Policy, Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, USA, for giving us access to her writings covering the historical aspects of racism including Zionism from the standpoint of its Jewish victims.

The Contributors LINK

Natalie Wood: A Witness to Israeli Racism Speaks Out
David Morgan: A Better World is Still Possible: Longing and Belonging in an Age of Transition
Dr Stig Stenslie: “Decisive Storm”- Saudi Arabia’s attack on the Houthis in Yemen
Dr Budi Hernawan: Papua is not a problem but the way we talk about Papua is
Randhir Khare: Exile, a poem
Terry McDonagh: Why Can’t We Have Our Own Gods?
Dr Candess M Campbell: The Addict Archetype
Joo Peter: Viva La Cuba! – A stunning photo feature on Cuba
Perinaz Avari: Chicken Kathi Roll with Pickled Red Onion Relish
Aryaa Naik: Vada Pav – Here comes the Hot Fritter
Chaitanya Guttikar: The Salt Prints
Mark Ulyseas: Ant-Semitism in Israel – Racism Against Arabs and Arab Jew and its effects

Sitting Bull’s great grandson Ernie LaPointe in an exclusive interview with Mark Ulyseas

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Live Encounters Magazine April 2015 (L)

Featuring : LINK

Chris Mercer – On Canned Hunting in South Africa
Ernie LaPointe on Tatanka Iyotake – Sitting Bull
Professor Ganesh Devy on languages of India
Professor Daya Somasundaram
Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop – Following Sharon’s Footsteps...
Terry McDonagh –  In Hamburg
Heather Brett – Witness
Noel Monahan – Stone-Breaker
Natalie Wood – Sugar Cones and Salt Men
Dr Candess M Campbell – Damsel in Distress
Dr Cynthia Banham – Indignation not engagement-Australia’s response
Mark Ulyseas – History is a set of lies agreed upon

Super March issue of Live Encounters

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Live Encounters Magazine March 2015 (L)

Ali Khan Mahmudabad – Illusions of Justice in America and Syria
Aryaa Naik – Women in Mahabharata
David Gardner – The New War for the Middle East
David Morgan – States of Insecurity – from New World Order to New Disorder  
Dr Anuradha Bhattacharjee – The Second Homeland – Polish Refugees in India
Dr Candess M Campbell – The Bully Archetype
Gary Zaetz – Americans MIA Second World War Northeast Indo-China border 
Natalie Wood – Truth, Tourism Among Top Casualties of War
Professor Ella  Habiba Shohat – Dislocated Identities: Reflections of an Arab-Jew
Terry McDonagh – About Albert
Mark Ulyseas – ‘Faction’ news and the antisocial media

Indonesian executions – How arrogant of the Dutch



The Dutch foreign minister, Bert Koenders, said in a statement late on Saturday he had temporarily recalled the country’s ambassador to Indonesia and summoned Indonesia’s representative in The Hague to protest against Ang’s execution. He said it was carried out despite King Willem-Alexander and the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, personally contacting Widodo.

How arrogant as if the former colonial power can dictate to a former colony. We all know how the Dutch ruled Indonesia!

Incidentally the Dutchman was sentenced to death for operating a huge factory producing the drug ecstasy.

An Indonesian firing squad has executed five foreigners and an Indonesian woman convicted on drug trafficking charges despite appeals to spare them, with the Jakarta government defending the action as necessary to combat the rising drug trade.

Indonesia’s attorney general, Muhammad Prasetyo, said drug trafficking rings had spread to many places, including remote villages where most victims were youngsters of productive age. Indonesia has become the largest drug market in south-east Asia with 45% of the region’s drugs in circulation.

Are people so fucking dumb smuggling drugs to Indonesia when they know they will face the death penalty?

Don’t blame Indonesia. If you want to help, help Indonesia stop the influx of drugs.

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