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Special feature on Prejudice in Israel

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Live Encounters Magazine June 2015

Live Encounters Magazine June 2015

A special thanks to Professor Ella Habiba Shohat, Departments of Art & Public Policy, Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, USA, for giving us access to her writings covering the historical aspects of racism including Zionism from the standpoint of its Jewish victims.

The Contributors LINK

Natalie Wood: A Witness to Israeli Racism Speaks Out
David Morgan: A Better World is Still Possible: Longing and Belonging in an Age of Transition
Dr Stig Stenslie: “Decisive Storm”- Saudi Arabia’s attack on the Houthis in Yemen
Dr Budi Hernawan: Papua is not a problem but the way we talk about Papua is
Randhir Khare: Exile, a poem
Terry McDonagh: Why Can’t We Have Our Own Gods?
Dr Candess M Campbell: The Addict Archetype
Joo Peter: Viva La Cuba! – A stunning photo feature on Cuba
Perinaz Avari: Chicken Kathi Roll with Pickled Red Onion Relish
Aryaa Naik: Vada Pav – Here comes the Hot Fritter
Chaitanya Guttikar: The Salt Prints
Mark Ulyseas: Ant-Semitism in Israel – Racism Against Arabs and Arab Jew and its effects

Sitting Bull’s great grandson Ernie LaPointe in an exclusive interview with Mark Ulyseas

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Live Encounters Magazine April 2015 (L)

Featuring : LINK

Chris Mercer – On Canned Hunting in South Africa
Ernie LaPointe on Tatanka Iyotake – Sitting Bull
Professor Ganesh Devy on languages of India
Professor Daya Somasundaram
Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop – Following Sharon’s Footsteps...
Terry McDonagh –  In Hamburg
Heather Brett – Witness
Noel Monahan – Stone-Breaker
Natalie Wood – Sugar Cones and Salt Men
Dr Candess M Campbell – Damsel in Distress
Dr Cynthia Banham – Indignation not engagement-Australia’s response
Mark Ulyseas – History is a set of lies agreed upon

Super March issue of Live Encounters

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Live Encounters Magazine March 2015 (L)

Ali Khan Mahmudabad – Illusions of Justice in America and Syria
Aryaa Naik – Women in Mahabharata
David Gardner – The New War for the Middle East
David Morgan – States of Insecurity – from New World Order to New Disorder  
Dr Anuradha Bhattacharjee – The Second Homeland – Polish Refugees in India
Dr Candess M Campbell – The Bully Archetype
Gary Zaetz – Americans MIA Second World War Northeast Indo-China border 
Natalie Wood – Truth, Tourism Among Top Casualties of War
Professor Ella  Habiba Shohat – Dislocated Identities: Reflections of an Arab-Jew
Terry McDonagh – About Albert
Mark Ulyseas – ‘Faction’ news and the antisocial media

Indonesian executions – How arrogant of the Dutch



The Dutch foreign minister, Bert Koenders, said in a statement late on Saturday he had temporarily recalled the country’s ambassador to Indonesia and summoned Indonesia’s representative in The Hague to protest against Ang’s execution. He said it was carried out despite King Willem-Alexander and the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, personally contacting Widodo.

How arrogant as if the former colonial power can dictate to a former colony. We all know how the Dutch ruled Indonesia!

Incidentally the Dutchman was sentenced to death for operating a huge factory producing the drug ecstasy.

An Indonesian firing squad has executed five foreigners and an Indonesian woman convicted on drug trafficking charges despite appeals to spare them, with the Jakarta government defending the action as necessary to combat the rising drug trade.

Indonesia’s attorney general, Muhammad Prasetyo, said drug trafficking rings had spread to many places, including remote villages where most victims were youngsters of productive age. Indonesia has become the largest drug market in south-east Asia with 45% of the region’s drugs in circulation.

Are people so fucking dumb smuggling drugs to Indonesia when they know they will face the death penalty?

Don’t blame Indonesia. If you want to help, help Indonesia stop the influx of drugs.

Why the silence on illegal mining in Bannerghatta National Park area?


Why has there been no action taken on the PIL published in Live Encounters Magazine ?

The dynamiting of the hills in Bannerghatta National Park area continues, unabated. Massive blasts in the fragile eco system… terrifying wild animals, chasing away migratory elephants, polluting the area. The illegal miners continue to threaten the locals with hoodlums who often carry weapons. No one dares stop the rape of the area and theft of national resources. So how long will this total disregard for the law of the land continue? 

Urgent PIL Bannerghatta – PM Narendra Modi – Chief Justice of India H L Dattu – Anant Kumar BJP

A Criminal Conspiracy - Plunder of Bannerghatta National Park

December 21, 2014

Dear Sirs,

I appeal to you to read this report and to treat it as a PIL for it presents the complete breakdown of government in Bannerghatta National Park and its eco sensitive surrounds. ——————————————————————————————————————

A Criminal Conspiracy – Plunder of Bannerghatta National Park and its protected surrounds – a report by Mark Ulyseas

Between 6 pm and 8pm one is traumatized by massive blasts, the sound echoing in the ears, often shattering glass, shaking the foundations of buildings and frightening wildlife including migratory elephants. It is the roar of dynamite. The illegal stone quarry in Bannerghatta has been operating for many years.

It is alleged that those who have objected to the illegal activity are threatened with choppers and other lethal weapons. They also receive telephone calls in the dead of night warning of an ‘accident’ with a mining truck. It is alleged that a local woman was killed by flying rock from the rock blasting. Her next of kin were paid Rs.8,00,000/- and the case was hushed up. Further, a journalist who reported the goings on was beaten and his motorcycle ‘confiscated’. There are many instances of mental and physical intimidation that is the rule rather than the exception. Those who operate the illegal mine are said to have patronage of a kind that respects no law except that of plunder.

Besides illegal mining – poaching, stealing of natural resources of the forest (including cutting of trees), and theft of sand in Bannerghatta National Park and its protected surrounds is thriving. Recently three poachers (with crude bombs to blow up wild boar) were apprehended by forest guards who were unfortunately beaten up by the poachers. The forest guards reported the matter to the police but the incident was ‘resolved’ when the poachers reached an amicable settlement with the forest guards. Concerned citizens have approached the authorities and have reported this incident.

How can this rape of Bannerghatta continue under the very nose of the state administration and local administration, including politicians? Are we to assume that there is a criminal conspiracy? Or is there a total breakdown of governance that results in Bannerghatta National Park and its protected surrounds to be looted?

Evidence of weak attempts by the State to enforce the law is a  mockery of Karnataka High Court and the Supreme Court of India judgements.

Illegal Mining: Genesis of criminal conspiracy

  1. Judgement of The Karnataka High Court dated 10.07.1998: The Honourable Chief Justice, R.P.Sethi, directed the State Government to create ‘Safer Zones’, giving guidelines for creating such ‘’safe zones’, to shift all stone crushing units to these ‘Safer Zones’, and to submit their compliance report before 31.12.1998.
  2. The Supreme Court of India dismissed the appeal of the Quarry Owners Association to the Karnataka High Court judgement on 08.04.2009 passing the following orders: “We are not inclined to interfere with the impugned order. The civil appeals, are, accordingly, dismissed. The Karnataka Government is directed to implement the directions in the impugned judgement within a period of one year from the date of receipt/production of the copy of this order”.
  3. The Karnataka High Court, on 18.02.2011, summoned three top officials and told them that a contempt notice would be issued against them for non-compliance of its previous order on moving stone crushing units to ‘safer zones’. On repeated pleas of the officials the High Court agreed to allow two more weeks to implement the directions.
  4. The Supreme Court of India, on 11.03.2011 dismissed the appeal by the State Government against the Karnataka High Court’s order, and ordered: “In our view, there is no valid ground much less justification to entertain the prayers made in the applications, which would allow State Government to wriggle out of its obligation to take action in accordance with the Karnataka High Court’s order dated 10.07.1998. With the above observations, applications are dismissed. For filing frivolous application, the State Government is saddled with costs (Rs.100,000)…We grant six months’ further time to implement the directions contained in order dated 10.07.1998”

The Karnataka State Government issued an ordinance on 07.09.2011 in this regard, which was notified later for the creation of ‘safer zones’ to shift the existing stone crushing units.

There is apprehension among concerned citizens that the State Government may relax the guidelines of the Karnataka High Court in the creation of ‘safer zones’ that will allow the stone crushing units to function in Shivanahalli-Ragihalli area of Anekal Taluk.

Illegal mining in Shivanahalli-Ragihalli area of Anekal Taluk

Shri Anant Kumar has recently adopted the Raagihalli Panchayat consisting of 16 viillages (Ragihalli, Shivanahalli, Jaipura Doddi, Kariyappana Doddi, Ujannapana Doddi, Gudayana Doddi, Kateri Doddi, Sollepura Doddi, Annayana Doddi, Sevanayakana Doddi, Ramanayakana Doddi, Puttanayakana Dddi, Mudallayanna Doddi, Korategere Doddi, Onetemarana Doddi, Muninajappana Doddi). It is in this area that illegal mining  is rampant for decades despite court orders. We hope he will intervene and stop this plunder by strictly enforcing the law.

Bannerghatta National Park

  1. Bannerghatta National Park (BNP) is a short distance from the megacity, Bengaluru. It is the part of the migratory route of wild elephants from Tamil Nadu through to Andhra Pradesh. It is also home to leopard, wild boar, chital, sambha, barking deer, sloth bear and more.
  2. Therefore, its surrounding areas is constantly under threat from encroachments: mining, theft of its natural resources and killing of wildlife.
  3. An area in BNP through which wild elephants migrate is a ‘bottle neck’. The area narrows in width because of human encroachments. This leaves the elephants dangerously in contact with humans, which causes the inevitable man-animal conflict.
  4. Poaching is rampant. Wild boar and chital are usually on the menu.
  5. The Indian Wildlife Board on 21.01.2002 declared that 10 km (safe zone) around all National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries as eco sensitive areas under the Environment (Protection) Act. A circular (letter) was sent to all State Governments issuing directions, on 5thFebruary, 2002.
  6. It is alleged that no State Government took any action on the directions.
  7. In 2004 Goa Foundation filed a PIL against the Union Government (Wp 460/2004) requesting the Supreme Court to implement the directions of the Indian Wild Life Board. The Supreme Court gave directions to the Union Government to implement the same by its order dated 04.12.2006 within four weeks of receipt of the communication.
  8. On 21.03.2007, a draft notification by the Karnataka State Government was sent to the Principal Secretary, Forest, Ecology and Environment Department, Government of India for publication.
  9. On 23.05.2008 the Union Government sent it back to the State Government requesting a redraft with some modifications. Later the Union Government sent a guidance circular for easy publication.
  10. It appears that no notification declaring 10km as ‘safe zone’ around national parks and sanctuaries in spite of the Supreme Court strict orders dated 04.12.2006.

Appeal by Forest Department for an Elephant corridor

  1. This area is one of the oldest habitats of Asiatic elephants and as such it has been included as one of the areas in the Mysore Elephant Reserve under the Project Elephant in India.
  2. This elephant corridor will give easy access to elephants (sometimes 200 in number), free movement from BNP to Cauvery Wild Life Sanctuary.
  3. This will help in preventing man-animal conflict, which at present is at a dangerous level..
  4. A bigger Park area can be developed into a wooded area providing shelter and food for wild life. It would also help in rain water harvesting. This is vital as the underground water levels are at their lowest in years.
  5. The area where the government needs to purchase 1000 acres of land to widen the elephant corridor is in Anekal Taluk. In fact the Anekal Tahalsildar in his letters dated 18.03.2010 and 21.03.2010 has said cited government lands are vacant. It is understood that the Deputy Commissioner, Bangalore Urban District has also recommended the areas to be included as part of the  BNP quoting directions of the Honourable Lok Adalat.

The result of this criminal activity

  1. The fragile Bannerghatta Biosphere is seriously impacted by the dynamiting of its hills. Denudation. Dangerous noise and air pollution (thin grey dust settles on trees, contaminates water sources and causes respiratory diseases). Many people including children studying in nearby schools have complained of breathlessness, doctors have reported.
  2. The trees are dying and many are showing signs of disease caused by pollution. In an area where rainfall levels are low this seriously impacts the retention of moisture in this biosphere, which in turn directly affects wildlife for it reduces the forest cover.
  3. This area is a ‘bottleneck’ in the ancient migratory routes of elephants from Tamil Nadu through to Andhra Pradesh. The presence of mining disturbs the wild elephants. Dynamiting interferes with the sensitive homing senses of migratory elephants, confusing them and forcing them to flee to quieter areas, which unfortunately results in man-animal conflict.
  4. Other animals and birds are frightened away from the area making them vulnerable to poachers who use crude bombs to kill wild boar, kill chital and other animals.

2014 is ending and yet the illegal mining continues.  It appears that the court orders since 10.07.1998 have not been obeyed. Further, the continued illegal activity can only suggest a criminal conspiracy that mocks the judicial system of the country.

Concerned citizens appeal to you to enforce the law. Those involved in this criminal activity and those that provide ‘protection’ for these criminals must face the full force of the law. The law must not only be enforced but it must be seen to be enforced to send a strong message to those who brazenly plunder the natural resources of Bannerghatta National Park and its eco sensitive surrounding areas

Live Encounters Magazine

Forget about what the rabid mullahs say – Listen to the Rabbis in Israel!

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The news report below confirms one thing that religious leaders do not want people of all faiths to come together to pray in peace. They seek exclusivity because they are afraid that people will see them for who they really are – hypocrites. Threaten the poor souls with the Torah so that they keep away from praying with people of other faiths. This is very disturbing and I am very disappointed with these rabbis. 

I think this is the right time to reveal a conversation I had with a Jew from Israel sometime ago. She secretly converted to Christianity because Christ appeared to her. She never informed any of her friends or relatives because she would have been disowned and further thrown out of the community.

Right here on this site we have Christians speaking about Israel like it is God’s own country for all, including Christians. This is a wake up call to them. Listen to the Rabbis…while the Middle East burns and Christians, Muslims et al are being slaughtered like animals… the Rabbis talk of religion. Where is their insaanyat …their humanity?

I, as a Christian, am deeply offended by what these Rabbis have directed their flock to do. Why are they so scared to pray with other faiths? Do they think the Jews will convert en-mass?



The Chief Rabbinate issued a statement condemning an upcoming Christian-Jewish prayer service at the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount, arguing that the interfaith audience and the event’s messianic content undermined both Judaism and Christianity, and called on Jews to stay away

The event, organized by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), makes no reference in its description to any Jewish participation. It states that as part of a week-long tour in honor of the Feast of Tabernacles, “we devote our final morning to seeking the Lord together in prayer for our families, churches, and nations, as well as for Israel and the Middle East region. Respected ministers from around the world will lead us in prayer, and a time will also be set aside for prayer for the sick and body ministry.”

The chief rabbis also called on the organizers to cancel the event, and on Jews to boycott it, since it “hinders Israel’s true redemption.”


I find this hilarious because Christ was a Jew, not a Christian.

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