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Please donate today to help sustain ongoing mobilizations against the Belo Monte Dam

One week ago a group of indigenous warriors, riverine communities and fishermen united to occupy the main construction site of the Belo Monte dam. Brave indigenous groups remain strong on the front lines and today they have been surrounded by military pressuring them to leave.

Yesterday the group released a worldwide call for support to maintain and grow the occupation. This includes a plea for international organizations to back them with infrastructure and access to have their message heard around the world. We need your financial support to help meet their call.

“Today we write for those who support us. We write for those who trust in our struggle and agree with our view. We are people who live in the rivers where dams are being built. We are Munduruku, Juruna, Kayapo, Xipaya, Kuruaya, Asurini, Parakanã, Arara, fishermen and riverine. The river is our supermarket. Our ancestors are older than Jesus Christ.

We occupied Belo Monte Dam sites seven days ago… We need help. We need the organizations to support this occupation, to write appeals on our behalf, and to stand up against the government’s posture. We need journalists to continue talking to us, even if it is from outside or by phone. We also need the people to support us.”

Support is needed urgently for food, travel, communications and legal advice to keep the occupation alive. Amazon Watch continues to stand with our indigenous partners and to pressure the government of Brazil as communities are requesting. Together we will ensure that the people of the Xingu are heard and that their legitimate authority over their lands and culture is recognized.

Help us to keep up our support for those on the front lines of Belo Monte construction and with indigenous peoples fighting for their lands throughout the Amazon. Please give and give generously to meet these urgent needs today.

For the Amazon,

Leila Salazar-Lopez
Leila Salazar-Lopez
Program Director