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Cinderella the Amur Tiger
Dear Mark,

Imagine having the chance to help save a rare wild tiger, and its entire species. This holiday season, you can help do exactly that.

The Amur tiger is one of the world’s most endangered species, with less than 450 remaining in the wild. So every single one of these tigers is critical to the species’ survival.

And right now, IFAW is helping care for an Amur tiger that was found as a cub, malnourished and weak, and with a frostbitten paw. Wildlife officials in Russia think her mother may have been killed by poachers, and she was left alone in the forest to fend for herself. She was in such poor health that she probably wouldn’t have survived another night.

Her rescuers brought her to a special wildlife enclosure. They called her “Cinderella”, hopeful that her story will have a fairy tale ending.

I’ve already committed $22,000 to help that happy ending come true, and now I’m hoping you’ll play a part in helping save Cinderella, and Amur tigers, by making a holiday gift for animals today.

Cinderella has responded well to treatment and has shown two traits that make us hopeful that she’ll be able to be released. First, she’s frightened of humans – so much so that she’s usually only seen when captured on the surveillance cameras that monitor her enormous natural enclosure. Second, she has shown natural hunting instincts, and her caretakers are confident that those predator traits will translate well in the wild.

But she still has a long road ahead, and here’s how you can help:

  • $38 will help shelter her: Cinderella’s enclosure needs to be secure and we have to keep constant watch over her.
  • $58 will help purchase food: Tigers eat a lot, and you can help us feed Cinderella for a whole week.
  • $229 will help pay the monthly cost of her veterinary care: I know this is a lot to ask, but it will help pay for a month’s worth of vet care, medicine, and supplies.

Poaching has decimated the Amur tiger. IFAW is committed to saving individual animals like Cinderella…to also helping save entire species…and to helping animals around the world live free from fear, cruelty and suffering.

It is indeed rare that we have the chance to save a species.Please give today so that we can save the Amur tiger and help protect and care for animals everywhere, whenever they are in need.

Thank you, and happy holidays,

Ian Robinson Ian Robinson Signature
Ian Robinson
IFAW Director Animal Rescue

p.s. Please give today, Your gift will help save Cinderella, help rescue Amur tigers from the brink of extinction, and help animals everywhere have a happy Holidays.