Warmongers, loving and wringing hands at home

Many among us are fortunate to lead lives in comparative comfort compared to those on the frontline of poverty, insurgency, terrorism, and state sponsored genocide. We are quick to talk of no war, of peace, of brotherhood and oneness of all.

Every morning we open the newspapers to read of the continuing bloodbaths across the globe… disconnected from the stench of the brutality of humanity, the meanness of spirit while drinking a warm comforting cup of coffee or tea. We argue amongst ourselves of the right way, the wrong way and quote from our Holy Books as if to qualify our deluded impressions of a warped world.

Talk is cheap. What is even cheaper are the conclusions we arrive at…which country should exist and which shouldn’t like a hangman with his face covered with a black cloth.

We provide our children with education and a good standard of living. What happens to those children who are dispossessed is of no consequence to us, especially if they belong to another race, another religion, another country. In fact we believe in the idea of us and them to a point where bombing unarmed civilians is like an afternoon off feeding the animals at the zoo.

But who weeps for these people? Who prays for them? Who protects them? And who loves them so much to save them from hunger, beating, rape and slavery?

Many among us have made hate and war a business, a business dealing in death. The media, the whore of society, makes a profit from all this…feeding us stories with an agenda to influence, to convert an idea that results in murder of a people, decimation of a culture and torture of children.

We lament the death of our young in war while conveniently overlooking what happens to others, the horrors of pregnant women being shot in the stomach.

Humanity has become a disease.