The First World War of this century is around the corner

The First World War of this century is around the corner because the perceived Super Power USA is now not a Super Power. In fact the changing of the guards has already taken place on Friday 6th August, 2011.China is now the sole Super Power in money and military might.

The recipe for global conflict appears to be spiced by the financial shenanigans of the European Union and the USA. The ‘dumb’ charades that politicians from these areas have been playing with their citizens and the world alike is cheating, forgery and misrepresentation of facts. And now that the worst has happened there is every possibility that war will erupt in regions bordering China and this will lead to a global flare-up as it holds the largest chunk of America’s debt; and rightfully has begun raising its voice and directly criticizing the methods of the US Government to rein in the economy etc. thereby threatening America’s sovereignty (?). 

And why shouldn’t China make its presence felt and why shouldn’t it impose its authority? It hasn’t defaulted. The United States of America with its bickering politicians and warped perception of international relations has caused such a despicable situation. Trillions of dollars spent on war…even now it has pledged billions of dollars to the terrorist ridden country of Pakistan, while overlooking or marginalizing its own citizens that made/make this great country.

Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece are failed, failing or faltering economies. The politicians knew this all along and yet continued to pump hard earned money of their citizens into countries like Greece that swallowed up the Euro and waited for more hand outs, while at the same time threatening to default.

When were these people going to realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch?

Maybe it is time to dismantle the European Union as it is and create a new league of nations that has sustainable and strong economies as a counter balance to the Chinese dragon. Maybe it is time to strike down the PC brigade by tackling immigration with a scalpel, to slice away the illegal limpets that suck a nation’s economy and mangle its social structure.

The last few years have witnessed increased conflict and horrible massacres. Could it be that this is all a prelude to the First World War of this century and that the fuse has been lit by the latest financial disaster i.e. America?

Consider this: America entered World War II ONLY after it was attacked by the Japanese. It went to war against Al Qaeda ONLY after it was attacked by this organization (World Trade Towers). Now that it has lost face akin to an all out attack on its sovereignty it is possible that it will incite or help fuel disturbances close to the borders of China to send a message to its largest Creditor that it is down but not out.

The First World War of this century is waiting to happen.

What we now need is a catalyst. 

(May God Save America from its politicians)