Urgent Message for Bali Polisi

To the Bali Polisi

Om Swastiastu Bapak,

I received the following email from a person who has been cheated by his girlfriend in Bali. His message and email is given below. This was received as a comment below my post on Bali Tourist Police https://marculyseas.wordpress.com/2008/06/12/with-you-for-you-always-%E2%80%93-bali-tourist-police/

Kindly investigate the matter and help the tourist concerned.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Mark Ulyseas

MESSAGE from Gary – garyjbrownicloud@me.com


I came across this page Bali Tourist Police after searching for information and advice what I should do in my situation. Long story short, after entering into a relationship with an Indonesian woman for two months, not Balinese but from Sulawesi, I transferred some money from Australia into her bank account as was my understanding that being a foreigner I could not open bank account here. I have since found out that this in fact not the case. We had a big argument on Saturday night and she has refused since then to give me the rest of my money back. I now have to sell personal possessions here to survive. The money was transferred from a car dealer in Brisbane after selling my vehicle. At no stage was there an agreement to give her the money, only to use her bank account. The money was used for both our expenses but mainly for myself. The money was only there for a week prior to the argument.

Can anyone advise if I have a way to remedy this situation? It is now a desperate situation.

Suksama G in Seminyak