Virginity tests by Egyptian army, shameful!

I have just received an email from Robert Scheer, Editor in Chief, Truthdig, with the attached appeal from Amnesty International. Is this what those in Tahrir Square died for? This is the aftermath of the the popular uprising. Nothing has changed. Women in Egypt are still subject to inhumane abuse. Shameful.

Message from Amnesty International TAKE ACTION NOW !

Egypt’s military may have just hit a disturbing, new low. At least 18 women who were arrested during a peaceful protest in Tahrir Square on March 9 were forced to take “virginity tests.”

Women were threatened with prostitution charges if they “failed” virginity tests. One woman, who said she was a virgin but whose test supposedly proved otherwise, was beaten and given electric shocks.

Make no doubt about it, this is torture. The purpose of this test is to degrade women because they are women. Unacceptable.

DEMAND Egyptian officials investigate allegations and stop this shocking, degrading treatment of women. Call on Secretary Clinton to use her influence to demand immediate action.

The protests that began on January 25th did not occur so that Egypt could replace the shocking and degrading behavior by one regime with that of another.

Call for an immediate investigation into the forced ‘virginity testing’ and other acts of torture and ill-treatment committed against women in Egypt.

Egyptian women took a stand to demand an end to repression.
Stand with Egyptian Women — Investigate & Stop Forced Virginity Testing!

In Solidarity,
Geoffrey Mock
Country Specialist, Egypt
Amnesty International USA

Let us help protect the Women of Egypt from their own Army!