Stand with Chief Raoni – Defend the Xingu – Stop the Belo Monte Dam!

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Stand with Chief Raoni – Defend the Xingu – Stop the Belo Monte Dam!

Stand with Chief Raoni - Defend the Xingu - Stop the Belo Monte Dam!

Dear Mark,

Thank you for taking urgent action to support Chief Raoni, the Kayapó and the Juruna indigenous peoples as they face an attack on their ancestral territory.

In the last few days, nearly 90,000 people from around the world have taken action to support the the Xingu and its people! Over 13,000 have signed a petition to FUNAI President Marcio Meira, calling on him to restore order immediately and honor his promise to demarcate the Kapot Nhinore territory…Chief Raoni’s birthplace.

Please take the next step by making a donation to the Xingu Urgent Action Fund.

Your donation will be used to support the demarcation of the Kapot Nhinore ancestral territory of the Kayapó and Juruna indigenous peoples in the upper Xingu in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, via the Instituto Raoni (Raoni Institute).

Your donation will support indigenous and traditional communities in their ongoing, now urgent resistance struggle to stop the Belo Monte dam, the largest dam currently in construction in the world, in the heart of the Amazon.

Coffer dams currently being built near Xikrín communities

In a visit to Xikrín communities by Amazon Watch staff last week, we saw coffer dams currently being built, which have already begun to affect the river these people depend on for life. The Xikrín, Arara and Juruna peoples are ready to take urgent action, but need your financial support today to mobilize.

Stand with Chief Raoni, Defend the Xingu & Stop the Belo Monte Dam!
DONATE to the Xingu Urgent Action Fund Today!

Thank you for your support!

Leila Salazar-Lopez
Leila Salazar-Lopez
Program Director