Heaven is on life support – Child Abuse

When are we going to protect our children from the horrors of sexually being exploited?

pic by mark ulyseas

Ten days ago a 15 year old girl walked into The All Institute of Medical Sciences, (New Delhi) which has a hospital. She was carrying a bloodied body of a 2 year old girl child. She told doctors that the child had fallen. The doctors called the police and immediately operated on the lifeless body. The 2 year old had been beaten and then had her head repeatedly smashed against a wall. She is fighting for her life. Doctors say that 100% recovery will not be possible. Apparently she is not out of danger, the next few days will determine whether she will live or die.

Police sources said the toddler could have been kidnapped and later abused. Infact the teen mother who took her to the hospital could be a victim of abuse as well.

“The tragic thing is that such cases are not rare and occur very often in our country. Child sexual abuse is all the worse because we have no social infrastructure to support a child in distress,” Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader Brinda Karat said.

The doctors have named the 2 year old girl, Falak, which means heaven/sky.