US Government appears more dangerous than Islamist terrorists


What has just been revealed by NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, confirms all the conspiracies theories doing the rounds: that the US Government is now monitoring its citizens and using invasive/pervasive technology to track, anticipate and curtail actions of its own citizens. Furthermore, it appears to have ‘influenced’ friendly nations to join the club, which includes UK.

After viewing the video of Snowden’s ’interview’ one gets the feeling that there has been and continues to be surveillance of citizens that crosses all boundaries of law and international borders.

Could it be that these actions have been precipitated by the urgency to create a ‘secure State’ even though this ‘State’ will resemble a sinister Big Brother government?

Could it be that the threat of terrorism is probably partly financed by the State to create the urgency to ‘provide’ blanket protection of its citizens in the garb of mass surveillance?

What is disturbing is that such actions were in their infancy during President Bush’s tenure. It appears the present incumbent, President Barack Obama, has succumbed to the machinations of the ‘fetid system’ run by corporations and individuals who have ‘invested’ in the Presidency.

The late Mr. Osama Bin Laden and his surviving cohorts must be laughing at these revelations. What they could not do the US Government is doing to its citizens…creating a fear psychosis that threatens the basis of freedom in all its avatars.

What a shame ….the land of the brave…the land of the free…is now hostage to its own elected representatives.