Boston and London Bombings – Message for the FBI

From media reports it appears that there exists an insidious proliferation of ‘in-house’ terror in which focus is on those that have adopted other countries as their own. It seeks to attract those that have ‘live’ strings attached to their ‘home country’. These ‘live’ strings are family, relatives, and religion (dogma/indoctrination).

The ‘new sleeper’ cells are not unlike those during the Cold War era. In this case the ‘sleeper’ cells’ are people who are dissatisfied economically, and/or culturally or simply inclined to make an ‘impression – to show who they are’ (macho ismplaying an important part as one doesn’t see women being a part of this). These ‘targeted’ individuals (targeted by ‘well meaning religious retards infected by skewered politics’) become prime subjects for ‘use’  by those vested interests that constantly attempt to infiltrate, to cause mayhem in the adopted country.

Suffice to say, the first casualty is the innocent bystander who pays with his/her life. This enrages the affected society and creates further schisms between peoples and the religions to which these ‘sleepers’ belong (this is seen as a battle won by the instigators).

So how does a country sift the chaff from the grain? How does the adopted country pre-empt such mass murders? Is it through bigotry, segregation, surveillance like big brother or downright incarceration on flimsy grounds?

What we are witnessing today is a paradigm shift from the old ways of communism vs. capitalism. There appears to be a mindset shift that is being used more effectively than a spy network because it is so diffused and does not have a ‘structure’ that can be identified, labeled and eliminated. Its effectiveness can be attributed to ‘loose cannons’ ignited anywhere and everywhere by ‘religious indoctrination’, basically putting the ‘fear of a chosen God’ into the minds of the targeted person/people by those who are the ‘pathfinders’. These people who exist somewhere else are the ones that press the buttons of the ‘vulnerable sleepers’ thus preying on the ‘instability’ of the ‘sleepers’ and awaking within them a ‘sense of self-worth, justice and assisting them to commit a heinous crime against a ‘perceived’ injustice – translated into plain English – a murderous attack again innocent defenseless people. The ‘enemy’ being the adopted country that has given the perpetrators shelter, equal opportunity, equal rights and a higher standard of living.

In the case of the London bombings it was innocent commuters and in Boston… in the image of an 8 year old child.

There have been three waves of immigrants in the last 100 odd years.

–       The first wave came in the 1920s.

–       The second wave during the Cold War.

–       The Third wave on and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Since then all one has seen is formation of political gymnastics and the sickening sight of strange bedfellows. For instance, it appears that the US is fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda, Hamas etc. against the incumbent ruler of Syria…unwittingly aligning itself to the ‘sleeper’ cells in the US.

So how does a country that opens it arms to immigrants and flies the flag of human rights fight this ‘below the belt’ war that attempts to undermine the basic foundation of a nation born on the idea that all peoples are free?

Below is the profile of the London Bombers. Compare these to the two lads from Chechnya who were the epitome of law abiding students in the USA. And then ponder the rational for their bloody end in Boston.

London Bombers: LINK

Charles ClarkeHome Secretary when the attacks occurred, described the bombers as “cleanskins“, a term describing them as previously unknown to authorities until they carried out their attacks. On the day of the attacks, all four had travelled to Luton, Bedfordshire, by car, then to London by train. They were recorded on CCTV arriving at King’s Cross station at about 08:30 am.

  • Mohammad Sidique Khan: aged 30. Khan detonated his bomb just after leaving Edgware Road on a train travelling toward Paddington, at 8:50 a.m. He lived in Beeston, Leeds, with his wife and young child, where he worked as a learning mentor at a primary school. The blast killed seven people, including Khan himself.
  • Shehzad Tanweer: aged 22. He detonated a bomb aboard a train travelling between Liverpool Street and Aldgate, at 8:50 a.m. He lived in Leedswith his mother and father, working in a fish and chip shop. He was killed by the explosion along with seven members of the public.
  • Germaine Lindsay: aged 19. He detonated his device on a train travelling between King’s Cross-St. Pancras and Russell Square, at 8:50 a.m. He lived in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, with his pregnant wife and young son. His blast killed 27 people, including Lindsay himself.
  • Hasib Hussain: the youngest of the four at 18, Hussain detonated his bomb on the top deck of a double-decker bus at 9:47 a.m. He lived in Leeds with his brother and sister-in-law. Fourteen people, including Hussain, died in the explosion in Tavistock Square.