Are these the butchers of Balochistan?

Major General Obaidullah Khan Inspector General Frontier Corps AND Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani of Balochistan

Khan heads the notorious murderous Pakistan Frontier Corps while his side kick is Raisani, the Chief Minister of Balochistan who resides in Islamabad not Quetta the capital of the state (for obvious reasons). If these two powerful gentleman are in charge of Balochistan then we can assume they too have given orders to kidnap, torture and murder the Baloch with the assistance of the ISI (Pakistan’s inhouse murder incorporated).

At a recent Supreme Court hearing into the continued genocide in Balochistan, Majaor General Obaidullah Khan IG of the Frontier Corps was absent (though he was summoned by the honourable court). Apparently he was away in Iran. Mr. Raisani attended the hearing and brushed off the Supreme Court’s questions with a simple statement that little or nor “incidents” occurred in Balochistan.

The UN must be called in to investigate and arrest those involved in the genocide in Balochistan and to bring them to face justice at the International Criminal Court. The Head of the Frontier Corps, Major General Obaidulllah Khan, Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani of Balochistan and elements within the ISI must be summoned to the International Criminal Court to face charges of Crimes Against Humanity. They must answer to the cycle of kidnapping, torture and murder.

The only institution that it seeking to uncover the murderous actions of the above gentleman is the Supreme Court of Pakistan and in particular the Honourable Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry AND not the Government of Pakistan! The UN and in particular The International Criminal Tribunal must support the actions of the Honurable Chief Justice of Pakistan!

And while we wait for the international community to look towards Balochistan, more people will be kidnapped, tortured and murdered…their dismembered bodies thrown by the roadside for dogs to gnaw on.

The international community stands accused of doing nothing to save lives in Balochistan.

This is shameful.