Welcome Obama to a reality check!

Namasker Obama Sahib,

When you were elected President many among us had this vision of a new America; a country that would rise from the depths of after being ‘Bush Whacked”, politically and financially bankrupt.

You gave the nation hope and pride.

Two years down the line you have emerged disheveled and stunned by a political defeat, the scale of which has not been witnessed for the last seventy years of American history.

This is good.

This will give you a clear perspective of ground realities.

Drop statesmanship.

Though it is a good look it unfortunately doesn’t do anything for the economy.

Your Aides appear to be far removed from the ‘real people’.

Roll up your sleeves, get into the trenches and muddy your hands by feeding, housing and generating employment for the marginal folk by promoting small businesses; the once dynamic nucleus that grew into large corporations, which due to excessiveness and mismanagement have slowly been taken over (some at least) by foreign transnational companies. China of course doing its little bit.

Ignore the media cynicism and political pundits of doom.

Ignore the magic wand, it doesn’t work.

People are not statistics.

People cannot live on words because they don’t put food on the table.

Speak and work with the ‘real people’ – the faceless workforce of America; nurses, factory workers, porters and on the fringe folk who are struggling to balance their monthly fiscal deficit. Admittedly rampaging consumerism has enslaved the people to live beyond their means…on the little plastic card.

You are burdened with the task of changing this mindset not from outside in but inside out. And when you have commenced this ‘dialogue for change’, recall your armies from foreign countries and disregard the impact it will have on American National Pride…some say this is presently non-existent anyway.

Never forget for even a moment that Big Business put you where you are now; and therefore this insidious behemoth can remove you from office, anytime. The Mid Term Polls is their first salvo; you have been put on notice.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om