Why can’t Britain do what Saudi is doing?

Saudi’s ‘Nitaqat’ law: 75,000 Indians set to return, numbers could go up

The ‘Nitaqat’ programme, which is meant to regularise foreign workers, makes it mandatory for local companies to hire one Saudi national for every 10 migrant workers.

Those who fail to find another job or a sponsor have to go back. As a result of this law, a number of people who were working without valid work permits and runaways have come under the scanner.

Once the grace period time till July 3 ends, all those expatriates who are found in Saudi Arabia without valid papers will be jailed and heavily penalised.

Why can’t Britain get rid of the illegal immigrants of all hues by enactign such a law?

Just asking.


Ps. oops…I forgot the multitude of  flotsam jetsam from the EU who have a ‘valid visa’ to work in the UK. I am sure some bright spark in the political firmament will find a loop hole to solve this problem.