Baluchistan – Mullahs in Pakistan call for a jihad Part 6

The true face of the ally of the USA in its fight against terrorism – the Pakistani Mullah depicted in this YouTube bit… where a Mullah accuses the USA of dismembering Pakistani (East Bengal). It is apparent this learned Mullah has not gone to school, for if he did he would know it was India/USSR and not USA. In fact USA (Nixon era) threatened India with the 7th Fleet which was stationed in the Bay of Bengal during the hostilities.

USA was a good strong friend to Pakistan and they in turn bit the hand that fed them. Even dogs if fed do not bite the hand that feeds them.

I think someone should remind the learned Mullah that it is USA Aid that has kept his country running all these years; And in spite of this Civil Liberties, Human Rights and other inconsequential Rights (women, children, right to education, right to follow any religion etc.) were/are continually violated by corrupt Pakistani leaders and their coterie of middle men/women.

Why is it only about Muslims, about Islam and not about other things like living in peace with all others? Even common people in Pakistan are fed up with these rabid mullahs…news trickling out of this country being bled with a thousand cuts (self inflicted) confirms this.

It is in Pakistan’s interest to immediately stop hostilities in Baluchistan as a confidence building measure and to show the world that it is a modern nation with laws enforced to protect all those that live within its borders. (One can dream of utopia).

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om