Balinese mixed vegetable salad – Urap Campur

Pic by Mark Ulyseas


4 tbsp Duck sauce
50 gr Roasted coconut grated
50 gr red bean cooked
50 gr Long bean cooked and sliced
50 gr Fern tip blanched and sliced
50 gr Spinach blanched
1 pce Lime juice
3 tbsp Fried shallot to garnish
Salt to taste
Sambal Goreng
3 cloves Garlic
6 pcs Shallot
2 pcs Red large chilli
1pce Red small chilli
Half tbsp Shrimp Paste
Half tbsp Salt



Slice all ingredients for the Sambal Goreng then fry until light golden season with salt and let cool: Mix the duck sauce with roasted grated coconut and then add Sambal Goreng: Mix all ingredients very gently and then add vegetables, add Bali lime and salt to taste garnish with friend shallot.

Chef Ketut Wijaya pic by Mark Ulyseas