How Assange and Snowden will bring down Ecuador for their own objectives!

News just in…

Ecuadorean government breaks US trade pact. It renounces Andean Trade Preference Act even as Snowden’s prospects of reaching Ecaudor from Moscow dimmed.

  • A document leaked to Univision on Wednesday showed that someone at Ecuador’s consulate in London did issue a safe conduct pass for the fugitive on June 22, as he prepared to leave Hong Kong. The name of the consul general, Fidel Narvaez, was printed but not signed.
  • Tola said it was unauthorised: “Any document of this type has no validity and is the exclusive responsibility of the person who issued it.”
  • The renunciation underlined divisions within Ecuador’s government between leftists who have embraced Snowden as an anti-imperialist symbol and centrists who fear diplomatic and economic damage.

So it appears that the end result will be that the people of Ecuador will bear the brunt of economic problems because their government is supporting the civil liberties of the citizens of USA and UK …

Incidentally, Ecuador’s media doesn’t enjoy the same freedom as the US or UK media…:)

If so many Westerners want the ‘liberties and rights enshrined in their constitution‘ let them find ways to assist Assange and Snowden…the rest of the world cares a flying ….