Malaysia clerics ban ‘poco-poco’ dance for Muslims claiming its Christian!

First it was fiddling with Bibles now it is a dance that Muslim clerics in Malaysia claim makes the sign of the cross.

News Report
Associated Press, Kuala Lumpur | Fri, 04/01/2011

Islamic clerics in a Malaysian state want Muslims to avoid a popular dance they claim has Christian influences.

The “poco-poco” is a line dance that is common at social events in Muslim-majority Malaysia. It is widely thought to have originated in Indonesia.

Islamic scholars in Malaysia’s Perak state say they believe the “poco-poco” is traditionally a Christian dance and that its steps make the sign of the cross.

State cleric Harussani Idris Zakaria said Friday the scholars have issued an edict forbidding the dance. It is not clear if other states will ban it.

Some Muslims insist the ban is unnecessary. Malaysian clerics have also banned yoga for Muslims and barred girls from behaving like tomboys, but the edicts are not legally binding.

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