After Troy Davis – what about the murderers of the My Lai massacre?

The My Lai Massacre was the mass murder of 347–504 unarmed citizens in South Vietnam on March 16,1968, conducted by “Charlie” company, 1st battalion, 20th infantry, 11th infantry brigade, of the America Division, United States Army. All of the victims were civilians and most were women, children (including babies), and elderly people. Many of the victims were raped, beaten, tortured, and some of the bodies were found mutilated.

While 26 US soldiers were initially charged with criminal offenses for their actions at Mỹ Lai, only 2nd Lt. William Calley, a platoon leader in “Charlie” company, was convicted of killing 22 villagers. Originally given a life sentence, he served three and a half years under house arrest.

The Death Penalty must apply to all US citizens including those in the armed forces that rape, torture and kill innocent people in other countries. This is also murder.

Troy Davis was executed for a crime under suspect evidence. There has been numerous protests for one man.

But how many Americans have been so vociferous about the atrocities of their own army in Iraq and Afghanistan.Many horror stories continue to surface.

We call ourselves a civilised society. We are no more civilised than suicide bombers.

One law for ourselves and no law for others.

This is shameful.