Breaking News from IRAC – Ending segregation in Israel!

The Pluralist

Newsletter of the Israel Religious Action Center
Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism

Dear Friends of IRAC,

Disneyland is all about the rides. From the thrill of Space Mountain to the nostalgia we feel riding It’s a Small World. Like in Disneyland, Israel is also full of wild rides. For the past two years the wild ride IRAC has been monitoring are Israel’s segregated buses lines. We are starting to see results, but there is still more to do.

I remember one time on a Freedom Ride when an ultra-orthodox woman sat next to me, and thanked me for giving her the courage to sit up front. We had another testimony from an ultra-orthodox woman telling us that she is thankful that the reform movement is fighting for her dignity. She says without us there would be nobody to give her a voice. You can read her entire story in our booklet Women Talking about Segregation in Israel.

The summer months see the number of visitors to Israel skyrocket, and I know that many of you are even planning trips to Israel. Whether it is with a group or on your own, please consider becoming one of our Freedom Riders.

If you are not coming, you can still help spread the word to your friends and communities by submitting a Letter to the Editor for your local newspapers. It is only through having a presence on these buses, as well as in the press, that we will see this phenomenon finally end.


Action Alert! – Letter to the Editor

In this week’s Action Alert you are able to send individual letters to the editor for the newspapers in your area. All you have to do is click on the link above and enter your zip code. It will give you a list of newspapers and you simply chose the one you would like to send your letter to. You can use our pre-written letter or write one of your own. You will be doing a huge service to IRAC by helping us spread the word about our Freedom Rides. When you are done you can forward this to a friend or post it on your Facebook page.

Unfortunately, our newspaper database is limited to the United States for now. We are working on improving it so our supporters from around the world can also send letters to their local newspapers.

D’var Torah – Bemidbar

This week’s social justice D’var Torah was written by Rabbi Billy Dreskin from Woodlands Community Temple near White Plains, New York