Shakti – a universal soul speaks to Mark Ulyseas of Live Encounters Magazine March 2012

Shakti - pic by Mark Ulyseas

Shakti – a universal soul speaks to Mark Ulyseas, interview published in Live Encounters March 2012.

India is not a country, it is a Universe, ask any traveler who arrives from a far off land searching for the Spirit in the spiritual, Self in the crowds and Faith in belief.

Many return to embark on the daunting journey back to Self by beginning a dialogue with the spirits.

There are some that instantly connect with the unseen, to suck on the Power that sustains the sacred heart beat of this ancient land. They keep returning year after year to recharge the Power within them; often sharing this Power with those rudderless seekers who are in a fragmented state of mind.

Shakti is from Denmark. She came to India for the first time nearly five years ago. And since then, has made many trips to learn Yoga, Vinyasa and Hatha, so that she can honour the Shakti within her and glorify the Bhakti culture.

“Teaching yoga is a small part of my life. What is of primary importance is how I live with myself and the way I am able to “Be” with other people and to be present with them; how to perceive people and the meeting with these people…to see the Being within the person.”

How do you perceive India?

India has this ancient “meditation umbrella” over it. It is also in the soil. Most Indians I have met don’t know about this but yet they seem to plug into it. The land acts as an amplifier and this makes it easy to plug into the energy.

I have always felt that my spirit wants to be reincarnated in India. Maybe I was from this land and have returned because India beckons me to her embrace.

So I am here.

What is this energy?

I have heard many people say that the moment they got off the plane they could feel the meditation umbrella, the energy encompassing the land.

The Nordic countries do have this collective energy which I speak about but it is scattered and it does not blanket the land. We need more Spiritual “poles” to connect, to form a web.

Also it seems that everyone who meditates in India adds a drop of energy in the vast reservoir of energy that is India and this keeps increasing. Probably that is why so many of us are drawn to this country to meditate and learn yoga.

In my home country, Denmark, it now accepted that one is not a weirdo if one does meditation and yoga. In fact there are commercials on television!

So how does one tap into this energy?

There are two aspects to this.

The first is understanding love.

Love is different from the male and female. So I can say something only from my own experience. It’s difficult, painful and can be destructive through thoughts and mindsets.

It can be painful when love is “unexpressed”. When you are a child and the surroundings do not want to accept the love then it becomes “unexpressed” love. And this affects one’s comprehension of love as one grows older and gets into serious relationships.

Women have a 360 degree view of love. Full, round, all embracing. But the men have a more vertical love so woman and man are often at odds with each other because of the perception of what love is, should be or can be. That is why there are people who feel displaced, unwanted, unloved. And this creates fear, anxiety and disconnects the person from the love within them.

A woman and man have to work together to bridge this disparity in perception; the man working on creating a more rounded perception of love and the woman reaching out to the vertical love being projected by the man.

It is through an intrinsic understanding of love that one begins to appreciate the positive energy that it radiates and in this way opening one’s heart out to the Universe.

The second aspect is the Ego

Years ago I came across the works of A.H.Almaas and Faisal Muqaddam and through their teachings I learned how to consciously cultivate the skills needed to differentiate between my false personality, ego identity and essential nature, the true self. For me it was a gradual (still ongoing) process of removing the many layers of the self to discover the kingdom that resides within me…the very
essence of my existence.

Here are two links for the readers: A.H.Almaas – Faisal Muqqadam

And an excerpt from Almaas’s teachings.

“In the Diamond Approach, reality is seen as consisting of three elements: God/Being/Spirit, Soul/Self and World/Cosmos.

World is understood as the outer manifestation of reality, the multitude of physical forms that all people are familiar with.

Being is understood as the inner source and true nature of reality, which is the focus of the great spiritual traditions of both East and West, and is known as Dharmakaya, Shunyata, Brahman or Tao. Being is understood as consisting of five co-emergent “boundless dimensions”: Divine Love, Universal Mind, Pure Being, The Logos, and The Absolute.

Soul is understood to be the individual consciousness that connects the world with Being, an idea found in ancient Chinese philosophy. It is believed in the Diamond Approach that the soul can be experienced as a living presence that contains the thoughts, feelings and sensations usually called our “self”.

How do you help people?

I help people to connect with the knowing of the knowing of who they are inside and to live from there, and be in the moment of who they are, what they want to do, who they’d like to be and to be true to the self thereby shining from within with their own qualities, expanding this and sharing it with others.

Many people come to me who have emotional baggage and a disconnection with the Self. I assist them to transform this emotional energy and to get to know who they are, to connect with the essence of their Being, to heal old wounds related to lost loves, family, childhood etc.

For me it is beautiful experience to witness people transform into radiant beings.

This is what I live for and I am happy and content…content inside, outside and all round (smiles).

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om