Forget about what the rabid mullahs say – Listen to the Rabbis in Israel!

The news report below confirms one thing that religious leaders do not want people of all faiths to come together to pray in peace. They seek exclusivity because they are afraid that people will see them for who they really are – hypocrites. Threaten the poor souls with the Torah so that they keep away from praying with people of other faiths. This is very disturbing and I am very disappointed with these rabbis. 

I think this is the right time to reveal a conversation I had with a Jew from Israel sometime ago. She secretly converted to Christianity because Christ appeared to her. She never informed any of her friends or relatives because she would have been disowned and further thrown out of the community.

Right here on this site we have Christians speaking about Israel like it is God’s own country for all, including Christians. This is a wake up call to them. Listen to the Rabbis…while the Middle East burns and Christians, Muslims et al are being slaughtered like animals… the Rabbis talk of religion. Where is their insaanyat …their humanity?

I, as a Christian, am deeply offended by what these Rabbis have directed their flock to do. Why are they so scared to pray with other faiths? Do they think the Jews will convert en-mass?



The Chief Rabbinate issued a statement condemning an upcoming Christian-Jewish prayer service at the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount, arguing that the interfaith audience and the event’s messianic content undermined both Judaism and Christianity, and called on Jews to stay away

The event, organized by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), makes no reference in its description to any Jewish participation. It states that as part of a week-long tour in honor of the Feast of Tabernacles, “we devote our final morning to seeking the Lord together in prayer for our families, churches, and nations, as well as for Israel and the Middle East region. Respected ministers from around the world will lead us in prayer, and a time will also be set aside for prayer for the sick and body ministry.”

The chief rabbis also called on the organizers to cancel the event, and on Jews to boycott it, since it “hinders Israel’s true redemption.”


I find this hilarious because Christ was a Jew, not a Christian.