A deadly message from the Wahhabi Kingdom


Prince Abdul Aziz, Saudi deputy foreign minister, says “Gulf States “cannot tolerate instability” that could lead to challenges to the Western-allied leaders from Kuwait to Oman. Gulf Arab states must quash any Arab Spring-inspired unrest or risk threats to their leadership across the oil-rich region”.

This echoes calls by Gulf authorities to widen crackdowns on perceived opposition such as rights activists and Islamist factions.

Ironically the “Prince” was speaking at an International security summit hosted by Bahrain!


Saudi Troops continue to support Bahrain’s crackdown on its own people using all kinds of methods including tossing tear gas hand grenades into crowds and seriously injuring many.

The Physicians for Human Rights Report documents Bahrain’s Use of Tear Gas as a Potentially Lethal Weapon. LINK

Maybe it is time these “local chieftains” are tossed out…you know like Qaddafi and company!