First day First Show That’s it

Pic by Mark Ulyseas

You twist, you turn, put your head under the pillow, shove it out of the window and yet that thing in the deep recesses of your mind remains embedded for a life time – a beautiful memory which can never be relived. First day, first show and that’s it. No second chance. The memory is framed with hope. It is all that remains of the day, a moment forever in eternity.

My mama said not to look back in pain, anger or joy. Never to look back. To look forward. To walk towards the ever shifting horizon. To let it be. Like the  friends and lovers who have come and gone leaving residues of emotions like scattered crumbs of a baguette on a clean white table cloth, forming a symmetry of forgotten dreams.

The rainbow of thoughts floats through space nurtured by wishes. My head turns to the cerulean sky as the images dissolve into shadows of the night. I stand by the roadside watching the stars.

My mama said that a beautiful memory could never be relived.

But she never told me that I would have to carry it alone.