What will happen to the Christians of Maaloula and elsewhere in Syria?

Soldiers loyal to the Syrian regime walk near a damaged church in Qusair, Syria, June 6. (CNS/Reuters/Rami Bleibel)
Soldiers loyal to the Syrian regime walk near a damaged church in Qusair, Syria, June 6. (CNS/Reuters/Rami Bleibel)


While US and its allies assist the rebels (al Qaeda backed operatives, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Afghans, Hamas, and a sprinkling of ‘Syrian rebels’) the Christians in Syria are becoming the target of right wing Islamic militia.

News Report

Maaloula (AsiaNews) – The bodies of Christians killed lie abandoned by the side of roads; houses and churches have been destroyed and plundered,” this is Maaloula today, a village about 60 kilometres north of Damascus that was recently invaded by Islamist insurgents.

The town, the cradle of the Syrian Christian tradition and a unique place in the world where Aramaic is still spoken, is now a ghost town.

Sources, anonymous for security reasons, told AsiaNews that “the Islamist insurgents are breaking into village homes. Yesterday they killed three people and took six young Greek-Catholics Christians prisoners. Bodies have been left in the streets as a warning to the population. Many families are locked in their homes and cannot even escape. Nobody knows their conditions.”

After taking control of the city, Islamists begun to desecrate Christian buildings, destroying the crosses on the dome of the Greek-Catholic monastery of Saints Sergius and Bacchus.

A villager told AsiaNews that the leader of the local Muslim community condemned the attack saying it was against Islam.

“Violence cannot be carried out either in the name of Allah or Muhammad,” the sheikh said, to no avail. (S.C.)


“We heard a lot about democracy and freedom from the U.S. in Iraq, and we see now the results — how the country came to be destroyed,” said Chaldean Catholic Bishop Antoine Audo of Aleppo in a recent interview. “The first to lose were the Christians of Iraq.” National Catholic Reporter LINK