Physicians For Human Rights – Eastern Congo needs Your Voice!

I just received this in the mail and therefore want to share it with all those on WordPress and MyT. Please sign the petition…click on the link …Tell Secretary of State Hilary Clinton….

PHR_2011-4-web Using Science and Medicine to Stop Human Rights Violations

Hi Mark, did you see this important message?

For several years PHR has been working on the ground in eastern Congo with human rights activists and medical and justice professionals and has made an impact on many fronts. We must not turn our backs on the people of the Congo and the brave human rights activists who are counting on us.

Tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to make the Congo a priority now!

The takeover of the Congolese city of Goma by M23 rebels this month has brought renewed tension and violence to eastern Congo, a region long plagued by attacks on civilians. Over the past several years, eastern Congo has become notorious for its rampant sexual violence and ongoing impunity for perpetrators of these heinous crimes.Tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to make the Congo a priority now!

Doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, and law enforcement professionals have stood up for the rights of survivors of sexual violence, but they are now facing increased threats from militarized groups vying for power in the region. Retaliation and sexual violence against people who treat survivors is rapidly increasing, and the diminishing access to health care and supplies may turn the area around Goma into a humanitarian disaster.

Urge Secretary of State Clinton to condemn the violence in eastern Congo and take action to protect civilians, health professionals, and human rights defenders who are courageously fighting to protect those who are most vulnerable.

Donna McKay
Executive Director