On the cyberstand – Live Encounters Magazine December 2011 Special Edition!


Tribal India – On the edge of survival
Randhir Khare

2011 – Another year of living foolishly?
Mark Ulyseas

The Belo Monte Dam and a call for the Clean Renewable Energy in Brazil
Atossa Soltani & Caroline Bennett, Amazonwatch

Chernobyl, a marriage proposal and climbing Mount Kinabalu
Carmen Roberts, Fast Track BBC

Eichmann To Al-Bis: Israel’s Revolving Door?
Natalie Wood

The Truth in Mustard
Terry McDonagh

Photo Gallery
Jill Gocher

Generation Expat
Sue Healy

Bad Medicine
Dr. Mukesh Batra

A poem for John di Martino
John Chester Lewis

The Road to 2012
Vasumi Zjikaa