Angst in a vestibule

Pic by Mark Ulyseas

Often there are days when awaking from deep slumber one is confronted with an unexplainable deep sense of loss that grinds the soul into a vestibule of angst. Today is that day for me. The sky, the earth and everything around me appears to be static and I can smell blood in my nostrils. Days like these come often. Probably something telling me that life is ebbing from my side and that one day I shall not awake to the sound of rain and the shrieks of the owls that nest in the church opposite my home.

I got behind the wheel and drove for hours not thinking, not feeling but trying desperately to vomit the angst. After a few hours on the road I stopped under an old gigantic banyan tree and got out of the car and walked around sniffing the moist air for hope and joy. Then from a large crevice in the tree trunk he came out staring at me with his warm brown eyes. He never barked. Just lay on his back at my feet and smiled comfortingly at me like a Divine Being. I stayed a while with this four legged critter patting his head and looking at the rice fields being washed in the rain

And then as if my life’s battery had been recharged I patted him on his head and thanked him for the company. Then I got into the car and drove home.