Terry McDonagh’s book review of In Gethsemane

In Gethsemane : Transcripts of a Journey

Terry McDonagh’s book review – 

IN GETHSEMANE – Transcripts of a Journey – by Mark Ulyseas is ‘a book to gig and dip into’…it is a series of fascinating essays on philosophy, psychology, characters ‘on the road’ and in pubs in Bali; on the nature of Hinduism, life in Goa…it’s a book to take with you on the train…we meet Simone de Beauvoir, Oscar Wilde. The author says: ‘On my journey through many countries and the twilight zone, I have been fortunate to break bread with the blessed and the damned’. Human nature is frail. It can be dressed up in a suit and cloaked in hypocrisy but in our hearts, we are obsessive whores who long to talk; to tell our story in public and cry in private. These essays are real and surreal; they are emotional roller coasters that move us through worlds of rich language and cultures…and we are richer for having had the experience. A fascinating look at life through the eyes of a man who knows how to observe. – Terry McDonagh, Celebrated Irish Poet, Playwright and Writer