Foetus Parties!

Before you plan a baby shower you need to organise a foetus party. Apparently it’s a new trend! Come one, come all and bring your foetuses along to celebrate. Decadence has a charming side effect…its disgusting!

New Report

“However, I think the worrying trend towards the commercialisation of pregnancy and trend in ‘foetus parties’ can add to the burden and can increase the expectation for mothers which midwives then have to deal with.

“There is a worry that supposed diagnostic scans are now being used for entertainment. Across the country services for ‘foetus parties’ are popping up. There are companies across the country that provide gifts for parties featuring images of the foetus, from a fridge magnet for £3 to a teddy with 3D scan image for £15.

“Some companies provide a champagne celebration scan package for £165 and a VIP scan package for £185. This is a far cry from the original purpose of ultrasound.”

So what will people dream up next ?