Breaking News – Martial Law in Pakistan around the corner

Pakistani Army

The Pakistani Army and its dirty tricks department, ISI, are on track to seizing power by a well crafted script that ensures the people’s compliance to its takeover of the civilian government.

Sources close to the civilian government have stated the following reasons:

–          Pak Army deliberately conducts cease fire violations, captures, kills and mutilates Indian soldiers’ bodies: This will definitely rouse the Indians to revenge. The resultant news will filter to the Pakistani citizens who suffer from a fear psychosis of their powerful neighbor, India.

–          The continued occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan and the brutal acts of the Frontier Rifles which is involved in torture, murder, rape and other despicable acts of inhumanity…and the resultant acts of the freedom fighters of Balochistan…has created insecurity in the country.

–          ISI’s continued financing, material and financial support to terrorists.

–          A march led by Muslim cleric Tahir-ul Qadri in Islamabad protesting against a corrupt government. (Who is funding this cleric and how can he conduct such a protest march without the tacit support of the Pakistani security agencies?).

–          The accelerated withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan…will leave a void which Pakistan doesn’t want India to fill for fear of ending up fighting on two fronts.

–          The honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan is inadvertently playing into the hands of the Army by ordering the arrest of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf, on charges of corruption!

In a few weeks the Pakistani Army will dispose of civilian rule and enforce their diktat.

And then we will see the true nature of this failed State and its ruthless security forces who are nothing short of terrorists in uniform.