Where are you going India?

Pic by Mark Ulyseas

The news trickling out of India continues to be confusing. Where is this old, elegant and cultured Lady going? Where do her loyalties lie?

On one side she cuddles up to Uncle Sam. On the other hand she works a deal to buy oil from Uncle Sam’s arch enemy, Iran, while purchasing arms from Iran’s arch enemy, Israel….in fact Israel appears  close to becoming the number one arms supplier to India.

What is happening?

India talks with folded hands and presents a picture of divinity that transcends comprehensive reality yet on the other hand spits in the very hands that supports it?

Has the politics of religion guiding the hands that rule India?

Has communal voting become the deciding factor? Like the elections in India’s most populous state which was won by a political party pandering to the Muslim vote? Even Mr. Bill Gates realised this by meeting the current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh yesterday and suggesting ways and means to “help” the development of “toilet” facilities for the vast unwashed and alienated.

On Thursday, the Iranian Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi (who is in India to invite Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Teheran for the NAM Conference), launched into a diatribe against Israel at a Press Conference with his Indian counterpart at his side, Mr.S.M.Krishna, the Indian Foreign Minister. The Iranian Minister even suggested that no Iranian was involved the terrorist attack on an Israeli Diplomat in Delhi earlier this year. While taking care not to directly blame any Iranian Agency for the attack, India had earlier requested Teheran through the Ministry of External Affairs to cooperate in the probe against three Iranians. India has also requested Iran’s permission to send an investigating team to Teheran but no response has been received. Ironically Iran is the country that supports Pakistan.

Hilary Clinton’s many forays into the festering Indian political scene appears to have come to nought. She was pushing for India to succumb to US pressure not to buy oil from the Iranians. But she didn’t offer another option. India incidentally buys oil from Iran in Indian rupees. And this helps because of late the Indian rupee has fallen from 46 rupees approx to a US$ to Rs.55.50 approx to a $!

So it’s economics and religion that appears to be controlling this vast country, not common sense.

Ministers associated with the Congress Party and its allies have been caught in a web of corruption that runs into millions of dollars. While the Central government has names of bank account holders in foreign countries, it refuses to divulge these names to Parliament even though the cash in these banks accounts is believed to be unaccounted wealth directly related to the looting of the country.

And in the meanwhile US multinational corporations have written to the US president complaining that there appears to be a lack of “decisiveness in decisions” between the States and Central Government. Added to this is HSBC’s latest report describing the Indian Economy as a “gasping elephant”.

Local armed insurgency – Maost and Naxals in some Indian States are operating with impunity… Kidnapping, killing and controlling large swathes of land. And they appear to get support from the local peasantry because the government’s policies to help the marginal and disenfranchised rural folk are mired in caste politics and corruption.

Ineptness, skewered ambitions and a warped sense of perception appears to have gripped Indian politicians. Instead of fighting the growing fire that is engulfing the country they are pandering to caste, religious and regional politics that continues to have a destructive bearing on the country’s economy and international relations.

Though Israel is India’s natural ally….yet India works “closely” with Iran (a country that supports Pakistan). It appears the Indian politicians are afraid of losing the Indian Muslim Vote therefore this stance – a ridiculous balancing act that may eventually affect the sovereignty of this great country.

Incidentally, Russia which has been India other natural ally has been selling advanced fighter jets to China and is doing brisk business in many other areas with it.

In the next ten years if Indian politicians continue to behave like local chieftains and continue to ignore the international ramifications of their policies; the arrogant Indian Middle Class continues to be disconnected from the rest of India; we can be assured that this country will fragment into smaller States destroying the dream that its founding fathers had envisaged in 1947.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om