Organised Religion – Marketing wars

The recent carnage is not new. The war of hate appears to be gathering momentum. Many have dispensed with the true teachings and have induced amnesia of the past when conversion was by the sword, when children were removed from their families for indoctrination and a few other things like decimation of indigenous cultures because they were pagan and burning of people because they were perceived to be of the Devil.

This was closely followed by the energy of new converts to another religion, all done in the same way…through violence and mob mentality.

Nothing has changed, it has only gathered momentum.

Who is right or wrong depends upon which side’s product you buy, both of which are superbly branded and slickly marketed through force, cultural appropriation and personal perceptions of the manufacturer i.e. popularly known as God.

Humans have sunk to the lowest depths of depravation… of morals and ethics. Deceit appears to be the order of the day.

Many profess that “Our brand is better than yours because it is the true product guaranteed by those who preached its ingredients and who sampled the very blood of the manufacturer…grotesque I know but then brand loyalty is essential to gather the faithful consumers to the fold.”

While others claim that “Our brand is the oneness of all and if you are not a consumer than you are the outcast, the unbeliever and therefore need to be treated as such”. Many have been the unwitting victims of marketing genocide.

The turf wars are hotting up. None of the leading brands want to lose territory to the other brand. So both take to the streets. Unfortunately in the senseless scramble for coherency many consumers become sacrificial lambs to slaughter. Innocent consumers are dissected, bisected or simply blown to bits all in the name of promoting a brand that in the minds of the Brand Managers is unique for its USP (Unique Selling Point). Curiously both leading brands peddle a USP devised on a well developed Brand that allows its mindless loyal consumers to be UNIQUE compared to those of the competing brand by merely following the rituals, wearing the symbol of the brand and parroting the ingredients.

Nothing is left untouched, unsullied by this mad scramble for consumers also known as souls. There appears to be an indecent haste to garner these consumers any which way.

The marketing wars will bring more destruction than ever before.

Hopefully this will end when the manufacturer/s decide to call a truce.

But till then the consumers will be the cannon fodder while the manufacturers sit back and direct the brand managers while collating the sales figures.