Balinese Duck Curry – Bebek Gerang Asem

Pic by Mark Ulyseas

Ingredients :

4 pcs cleaned duck leg divided into 2 part. Marinated with salt merica and limewater.
1 litre chicken stock
80 gr Shallot
50 gr. Garlic
50 gr Red Chilli
50 gr Candle Nut
25 gr Ginger
4 cm Galangal
20 gr Lesser Galangal
15 gr Turmeric
4 pcs Lemongrass
4 pcs Daun Salam
15 gr coriander
5 gr nutmeg
7 gr Tabiabun (local black pepper), chopped
7 gr White pepper corn, ground
10 gr shrimp
Salt and Palm sugar
2 tbs Coconut oil for fry


Prepare a hot pan. Cook the duck in the pan without oil. Keep cooking until duck fat renders out and the duck is well browned: Cut & pound all spice ingredients until paste is formed: fry all the spice until fragrant in a little oil, then put in the duck: Add chicken stock and cook until duck is tender: Season to taste.

Chef Gary Tyson and his team pic by Mark Ulyseas

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om