The Lies of Truth

This is a creative leap into the abyss of life.

“I smile when I’m angry

I cheat and I lie.

I do what I have to do

To get by.

But I know what is wrong,

And I know what is right.

And I’d die for the truth

In My secret Life”

–         Leonard Cohen

What is truth?

The lies of truth is plain to see for all. It mocks all things that represent beauty, love and spontaneous joy.

And why is this so? Is truth like a camera that never tells a lie? And is the picture itself a lie personified and that’s why it tells the truth?

One has heard on numerous occasions, ‘I speak the truth’. The echoes of falsehoods in emptiness are evident in these words for we all see, feel and ‘do’ truth according to our own conditioning. What is truth to one is a lie for another.

Let us ask ourselves this question – How often have we believed in truth only to be disillusioned by the looming spectre of half truths and lies intrinsically melded to fool even the most discerning truth seeker?

There are those among us who don’t want to know the truth. We want to live our lives devoid of the self consciousness that demarcates these two impostors – truth and lies. We translate thoughts, actions and pre-actions according to our own convenience while all the time our hearts and minds are jousting for a place in the only truth that exists – reality – what you see is what you get – much like a prostitute who knows who she is and what she stands for.

‘I shall love you forever’ – this is a momentary half truth that dissolves into an eternity of unintentional deceit for the words spoken merely pander to the moment in a lifetime and is then smothered in lies that we use to convince ourselves of our own selfish actions.

And when religion confronts us with truths that are presented as divine declarations how can we argue with divinity? Are these man made to convince the ‘faithful’ to believe in a truth that does not exist?

Truth has often been used to surreptitiously rape innocence, to intrude and colonise the inner spaces of our being.

Someone once said that if one told a lie long enough it would become the truth. Maybe this is the path to finding the truth.

Questions, questions and more questions, yet answers seem to be evading the reality of existence. As children many among us have been told ‘truths’ by our parents, teachers and peers only to discover later in life that they were not so!

To me one of the main culprits of this is organised religion and culturally fertile societies for they are breeding grounds for truth. Words of wisdom impregnate the truths and bring forth a rich crop of self serving half truths and lies.

And then there are the oppressed and repressed societies that brainwash unsuspecting people by frightening them with the horror of the wrath of god if they didn’t follow the ‘laid down truths’.

How does one define the truth? What is it made of? How does it react when it comes in contact with people and their perceived gods?

Truth is like an amoeba in its ever changing form. It is made up of lies and delusions and when it comes in contact with people it morphs into a religion and then becomes the truth that all believe in for fear of the unknown.

There are people out there who specialize in ‘speaking’ the truth. They risk their personal and professional lives in this belief. But is their truth the ‘real’ truth or is it a symptom of hallucinations that reside deep within and tortures the soul prompting it to spew out the truth which in essence could be a lie for someone else or worse still, an assumption. Probably this is why these people are not welcome in a society that thrives on ‘conditioned and synthetic’ truths.

Truth has been handed down from generation to generation. Sometimes there has been a hiccup followed by revelations extinguishing part of the truth and adding another dimension to it.

Truth is constantly being taken for granted. In fact, we refer our beliefs to what we hear, read or see on the pulpits or in the media. ‘I know it’s true because I saw it on TV’.

Through the ages, the merchants of spin have controlled the lucrative social, cultural and religious set ups with deliberate intent to manufacture the ‘truth’ that is a palatable intoxication which is then fed to the benign bovines (people). Hence, we move around in a herd ruminating on prayers and living within a frame work of rules replete with superstitions and interrupted by births and deaths. This is like a rope slung through the sensitive nose of a cow. When it is pulled by perceived ‘truths’ we follow in its direction. Thus to walk an independent life is highly unlikely for it brings pain, the pain of unbelonging. As humans are pack animals a different path is often taken only by courageous people who believe in a truth which is sadly based partly on doubtful inheritances of the truth.

Some seek the truth like blind people looking at a rainbow. They cannot see it and rely solely on what is being described to them by someone else. Others create the truth out of their own fantasies and peddle this spurious brand to all and sundry.

Reality is the only truth – what you see is what you get. Attempting to translate this warps our perceptions and addles our values and reasoning. Let it be. Let reality be the ‘electric cow poke’ to prod us on our way towards death. Let us take one day at a time and live life to the fullest with hearts bent on peace, joy and togetherness.

And when the time is nigh, truth will show itself, one day.

Till then let us continue to co-exist with the lies of truth.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om